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Make a referral via email or EDI & we'll make contact with your patient for an appointment.


EDI: sportdrs

Information for referrers


Call for advice

We encourage you to call and discuss your client with us if you would like. If our doctor is not be immediately available, our reception can take a message or put a scheduled call back in the appointment book. Messages directed to individual doctors’ via EDI will go straight to their inbox, or you can email if preferred.

Referral Priority

Urgent vs Non-urgent Referrals

Referrals directed to an individual doctor go straight to them. They then let reception know the priority. General referrals are triaged by the duty doctor. 

If your patient appears to be waiting longer than you feel is appropriate, please call us to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Services we offer to patients

Services overview

We offer a wide variety of services to clients. We also treat a vast array of injuries, medical problems, as well as performance, psychological and wellbeing concerns. See the above link for a detailed list of injuries, medical problems in sport, and exercise prescription that are routinely seen in clinic. If you have a query about whether we treat a certain condition please don't hesitate to get in touch.


What we would appreciate

To ensure the smoothest service for your patient, please ensure ACC details are included and accurate, ensuring the patient has the correct body site on the claim you are referring them for ensures a speedy process for further investigation (Eg MRI's), if it is a work-related accredited employer, the details of who their claim is with is very helpful. Details of any previous treatment or surgery for the problem or area are helpful, along with any general medical problems and medications/allergies. 


Who we work with

We work with all referrers including GP's, other medical specialists, After Hours or Urgent Care providers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, exercise physiologists, mental skills coaches, gym trainers, schools and provide our advice to your patient whilst keeping you up to date with our recommendations. 


How we communicate with health care providers

Our doctors write standard medical consult letters back to the referrer and other health care team members. If ACC is funding the consult, they will generally receive a copy as well. We don’t routinely include the client, but are very happy to do so if requested.